Service & Maintenance


Breakdown Service

We Service and Maintain a wide range of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment for our clients throughout Ireland. Our 24hr responsive breakdown service is highly regarded with all our customers and our Engineers have the ability to get your equipment back up and running within a respectable time frame

Contact our Service department today to see how we can help you – Call us Today 0579333850 


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Planned Maintenance Procedures and Contracts 

At Buggy Refrigeration we adopt a policy to all our customers that  ”Prevention is better than Cure’ and with a Maintenance Contract policy on your Refrigeration or Air Conditioning Equipment this is certainly the case.

We carry out Preventative and Protective yearly procedures to our over 100 sites in the region. In the Refrigeration industry it is best practice to try to ”find the problem before the problem finds you” and with simple yearly checks and actions on these systems it can ensure

  • Temperatures reached in quicker time.
  • More energy efficient (less running hours.)
  • Less costs on replacement of expensive parts
  • Longevity on lifespan of Equipment.


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FGAS Registered Company

Our Company is fully insured and comply with all Fgas regulations and procedures. All our Engineers are fully qualified and certified to carry out their daily duties working with Refrigerant gases.




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Service and Maintenance Software

Our Company uses the most up to date Service and Maintenance  software to decrease on our paper work, The EZ Management Service software makes business practice much more efficient and environmentally friendly



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Engineer Service App

All of our qualified Engineers are equipped with the iphone EZ Managment App. This is one of the most sophisticated pieces of  service software on the market currently. It allows our Service department to send each engineer their jobs daily and by knowing their location via GPS softwre we can send our Engineer that’s closest to you . It also allows our engineers more insight into the customer they are visiting regarding

  • System Fault/ description of breakdown
  • Site location
  • Site service history
  • Site Contact details

Once our Engineer receives the call, they log their time from point of travel to time spent on site, once on site they can record the fault and then the actions that were taken to resolve it. They also have the option to attach photos to the call if there is a requirement for spare parts or damages to the equipment. Once the job is completed the Customer is shown the work sheet on the phone. They can then sign off on the works and an email of the work docket is sent straight away to the customer email address.