Cold Rooms

Our Polyurethane Panel range (installed by Buggy Refrigeration) provides a light-weight and versatile system for chiller and freezer cold-rooms, food production areas, blast chill/freezers, dry ageing, partitioning areas, and many other applications.

Cold Rooms are suitable for all types of food storage – they may be used for frozen or fresh food. Their modular design means each cold room can be designed, manufactured and installed to suit every individual requirement in terms of size, location and function. Our cold room packages include a complete range of doors (hinged, sliding, hatched, stripe curtains, or glass doors), internal fittings, shelving, trolley systems, over head rails and side rails.

More information?

If you need a cold room installation, or intend on upgrading an existing one, please contact our experienced team on 057 9333850 or email to set up a no-obligation appointment.