Energy Management

Buggy Refrigeration Services is focused on delivering energy saving products to its customers, especially as refrigeration is a necessity to business and incurs large running costs. We have a proven track record of installing energy saving equipment that has given significant savings to our customers.

Here are some of the ways you can increase your energy efficiency to your Refrigeration System:

  • Full glass door Chilled Display Cabinets
  • Digital Scroll Compressor Pack Systems
  • Water & Air Heat Recovery Systems
  • Refrigeration Plant Monitoring Systems
  • Electronic Valves

Government-backed Incentives
With the Irish government calling for a 50% reduction in our kilowatt usage we are continuously adapting new measures to reach this target. We work closely with our suppliers to design energy saving products. Since March 2010 a government-backed tax incentive scheme was brought in to help businesses make the change for good. We now have the EFE Karya cabinet approved and listed on the products setion of the ACA Scheme. Please see link to check out how the scheme works .

Call us today for a energy audit on your store or if you wish to obtain a quote to replace your existing Dairy walls.

More Information
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Full glass Door Chilled display cabinets


Installation of a Plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger

Heat Recovery Unit

Fabdec Refrigeration Heat Recovery unit including water cylinder



25kw Digital Scroll Condensing unit