Supermarket Refrigeration (Plug in)

Integral Refrigeration

We cater a wide range of integral (plug in) refrigeration cabinets, suited for any retail store that requires a increase in sales for their chilled products such as Dairy, Sandwiches, Pre Pack snacks, Convenience, Fresh Meat and Soft Drinks

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Integral Multideck Cabinet

Plug in Multideck Cabinet

Spider Fridge

Spider Promotional Fridge

INTEGRAL Tiered Spider Fridge

Tiered Spider Promotional Fridge

Serve over Cabinet

Serve Over Fridge


Upright Glass door Chill and Freezers

Coffin Fridge

Coffin Dual Temperature Cabinet

Integral AHT

AHT Freezers

Integral Freezer

2 Door Freezer


ISA Infinity

Upright Chilled sandwiches display